Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry
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Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

Hey, my name is Shelly Katalgo. My love for sedation dentistry started in high school. My best friend had a severe fear of going to the dentist and I wanted to help her feel better about it. Although I always enjoyed my dental visits, I felt bad that she struggled so much with going to hers. My parents taught me about sedation dentistry and I instantly dreamed of becoming a dental professional. I wanted to help kids like my friend stay fear free throughout their appointments by using gentle techniques and professional medications. Although I opted to follow a different career path, my passion for dentistry remained throughout the years. I will update my site with developments in this industry as soon as they are reported. I will also discuss the benefits of sedation dentistry in detail. Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back soon.


Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

Think Straight Teeth Are Just For Show? Think Again

Franklin Steward

Straight teeth are often seen as more attractive than crooked teeth. While some people might be willing to spend between $3,000 and $7,000 on traditional metal braces that will straighten out any crooked teeth and improve their appearance, dropping this much cash on a cosmetic fix might seem like a lot for others. It's important to realize that your crooked teeth could be doing more than causing you to lose your appeal to the opposite sex, those crooked chompers could be causing serious medical problems.

Here are three medical reasons why straightening crooked teeth is a good idea.

1. Crooked teeth could cause digestive problems.

Chewing is considered the first step in the digestive process, and crooked teeth aren't able to break down foods as efficiently as their straight counterparts. If you aren't chewing correctly because of crooked teeth, the food particles reaching your intestinal tract might be too large to be digested properly.

Chewing helps to start breaking foods down so that nutrients can be absorbed as they pass through the intestines. If you have been feeling bloated or uncomfortable after eating, it's time to get your crooked teeth straightened.

2. Crooked teeth are more prone to injury.

Do you enjoy playing sports on a regular basis? If so, you understand the important role mouthguards play in protecting your teeth from injury during a game. Unfortunately, crooked teeth can prevent your mouthguard from fitting properly.

A mouthguard with an improper fit leaves your teeth prone to injury. With the cost of replacing a single tooth with an implant ranging from $1,500 to $7,500, losing several teeth in a sports injury could be expensive. Investing in braces to straighten your crooked teeth will allow your mouthguard to provide the protection you need.

3. Crooked teeth can contribute to gum problems.

Having straight teeth could be your ticket to better gum health. Crooked teeth have more nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in, making it easier for you to leave plaque behind as you brush or floss. This plaque contributes to the development of gum disease.

Crooked teeth can also contribute to a receding gum line. Since you aren't able to bite down properly with crooked teeth, your teeth could be coming into contact with your gum line. Irritated and red gums can be caused by crooked teeth, so having your teeth straightened will protect your gums in the future.

Straight teeth are more than a mere fashion statement. Having straight teeth will help prevent digestive problems, tooth loss in a sport setting, and potential gum problems in the future. 

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