Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry
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Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

Hey, my name is Shelly Katalgo. My love for sedation dentistry started in high school. My best friend had a severe fear of going to the dentist and I wanted to help her feel better about it. Although I always enjoyed my dental visits, I felt bad that she struggled so much with going to hers. My parents taught me about sedation dentistry and I instantly dreamed of becoming a dental professional. I wanted to help kids like my friend stay fear free throughout their appointments by using gentle techniques and professional medications. Although I opted to follow a different career path, my passion for dentistry remained throughout the years. I will update my site with developments in this industry as soon as they are reported. I will also discuss the benefits of sedation dentistry in detail. Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back soon.


Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

Beautiful In Braces: Your Orthodontic Options

Franklin Steward

Once upon a time having braces equaled a clunky silver "metal mouth." In the last few decades orthodontic devices have gotten a long-awaited upgrade. Sure, you or your child can go the metal bracket and wire way, but your options don't stop there. What choices do you have when it comes to braces? Check out these much more modern possibilities!

Clear Aligners

Metal is something that some orthodontic patients can skip entirely. Clear aligners are thin trays that are worn for two to three weeks at a time. They gradually move teeth mere fractions of millimeters. After the two to three week period, the patient gets a new set of aligners – allowing the teeth to move again. Along with the advantage of having a near-invisible orthodontic device, aligners are easily removed. That means you can take them out for meals or to brush and floss.

Changing Colors

Wearing metal in your mouth doesn't have to mean that you give up on style. Today's orthodontic patients can accessorize their braces with a colorful flare. How? The rubber bands worn on the devices come in a rainbow of hues, making it easy to color coordinate your braces with your outfit. Okay, so it's not as easy as changing them on a whim. But, you can ask the orthodontist to match the bands with your school's team colors or your favorite shade. The ability to change rubber band colors even means that you can match a holiday theme. Think red and green for Christmas, orange for Halloween or pink and red for Valentine's Day.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramics aren't just for flower pots. Instead of metal brackets, these braces use tooth-colored or translucent ceramics for a less visible look. Even though the brackets aren't extremely noticeable, they aren't as invisible (in the way that they look) as clear aligners.

Lingual Braces

Unlike traditional braces, these go behind the teeth. While they are made from metal, they're technically still 'invisible' because they're hidden. Out of all of the alternatives, these braces are the least noticeable and may be the best option if you truly don't anyone to see that you're undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Braces have come a long way since the days of majorly noticeable metal devices. Whether you or your child opts for a clear option or braces that go on the inside of your teeth, it's perfectly possible to have a brilliant smile while still getting orthodontic treatment. If you choose to stick with the standard, that's okay too. Upgrade your brackets with changing colors that add a special something to the overall look!