Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry
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Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

Hey, my name is Shelly Katalgo. My love for sedation dentistry started in high school. My best friend had a severe fear of going to the dentist and I wanted to help her feel better about it. Although I always enjoyed my dental visits, I felt bad that she struggled so much with going to hers. My parents taught me about sedation dentistry and I instantly dreamed of becoming a dental professional. I wanted to help kids like my friend stay fear free throughout their appointments by using gentle techniques and professional medications. Although I opted to follow a different career path, my passion for dentistry remained throughout the years. I will update my site with developments in this industry as soon as they are reported. I will also discuss the benefits of sedation dentistry in detail. Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back soon.


Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

3 Reasons To Take Your Child To A Pediatric Dentist Specialist

Franklin Steward

When you take your child to the dentist, you want to make sure that they are seeing a good dentist. A great way to ensure this is to take your child to a pediatric dentist specialist. Here are three reasons why this is an excellent option for your child. 

They've Received Specialist Schooling

A general dentist goes to school for four years after receiving their Bachelor's Degree. On the other hand, a pediatric dentist goes to school for an extra 2-3 years. This time is spent focusing on dental care for pediatrics. This not only includes the dental aspect of care, but it also prepares them for the way children act and respond to dental treatment. This can help you to feel more comfortable taking your child to a pediatric dental specialist because you know they are capable of handling your child better than a general dentist. 

They Know How To Work With Children 

Another excellent reason to take your child to a pediatric dental specialist is the fact that they know how to handle children. They are used to working on children of all different ages and all different attitudes. They may come in and act nervous, excited, or absolutely terrified. A good pediatric dentist can make a huge difference in terms of the experience that your child has at the dentist. The same can't be said of a general dentist, because they may not be used to dealing with children. A pediatric dentist will be extra positive and happy with your child and will also be very patient when your child is having a hard time. On top of this, they will likely have things to calm your child and encourage them to behave well, such as stickers, toys, candies, etc. 

Equipment Is Specially Made For Children

When you take your child to a pediatric dental office, you know that all of the equipment within the office is created specifically for children. This means that the dental chairs will be smaller in size to accommodate them, as well as some of the dental tools that are used in their mouth. Even the toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. that are given out to the children will be specifically created just for them. This helps your child to have a more specialized experience, and it ensures that they get the best dental care possible. 

Taking your child to a pediatric dental specialist is an excellent idea because a specialist has received extra schooling, they know how to handle children well, and they have equipment in their office that is specially made for children. For more information, contact a company like Dentistry For Children & Adolescents.