Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry
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Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

Hey, my name is Shelly Katalgo. My love for sedation dentistry started in high school. My best friend had a severe fear of going to the dentist and I wanted to help her feel better about it. Although I always enjoyed my dental visits, I felt bad that she struggled so much with going to hers. My parents taught me about sedation dentistry and I instantly dreamed of becoming a dental professional. I wanted to help kids like my friend stay fear free throughout their appointments by using gentle techniques and professional medications. Although I opted to follow a different career path, my passion for dentistry remained throughout the years. I will update my site with developments in this industry as soon as they are reported. I will also discuss the benefits of sedation dentistry in detail. Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back soon.


Understanding The Importance of Sedation Dentistry

Why You Must Make Each Orthodontist Appointment

Franklin Steward

If you are going to see an orthodontist, it is absolutely essential that you see your orthodontist regularly. Otherwise, there is no way that your orthodontist will be able to straighten your teeth. Braces incrementally straighten your teeth and they will not be able to accomplish this goal if you do not visit the orthodontist regularly. Your orthodontist will need to make regular adjustments to your braces to make sure your teeth move in the right direction.

Remembering Your Next Appointment

When you are concerned about whether you will remember to go in for another appointment, make sure to ask your orthodontist if he or she is able to sign you up for a text message reminder. Then, you will always be reminded when your next appointment is scheduled so you do not forget. If you miss an appointment, you may have to wait longer before you are able to have your braces removed.

Maintaining Your Braces

As your teeth begin to shift into place, the elastics that hold the brackets to the wire will begin to wear down. These need to be replaced before they break. Then, you will not have the appropriate amount of force applied on your teeth.

The wires that guide your teeth into place need to be inspected periodically. The regular movement of your teeth can make the wire looser. The orthodontist will check your wire and tighten it if necessary.

Timing Your Next Appointment

It can take anywhere from six to thirty-six months for your braces to be ready to come off. There is no way to accelerate the process in most cases because your braces will essentially be modifying the shape of your jaw bone so that your teeth are in a different position. You will need to visit the orthodontist every five to ten weeks. If you believe that you cannot come in as often, make sure to tell your orthodontist and he or she may be able to make adjustments that take this fact into consideration.

Caring for Your Teeth

Besides making adjustments, your orthodontist will be able to provide advice for how you can better care for your teeth while wearing braces. Brushing around your braces can be tricky,  but with the right tools and the right advice, you can keep your teeth healthy while also adjusting them with your braces. But your braces will not be worn forever and you will eventually have beautiful, straight teeth.

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